English Resume

Congratulations for making it to the end of the course. Today we will look at how to create your own resume in English (also known as a CV).

Please begin by downloading the PDF file by clicking here

Please have the PDF file open or printed out while watching the video below:

English resume

While this is a very simple resume, it does give you some idea how it should be formatted.

At the top you can see my name and contact details are clearly stated.

The objective is clear and concise.

The work experience details where I worked, what my position was, the dates I worked there, and my main responsibilities.

The education shows the name of the school, the dates I attended, the subject and the grade (you will probably have more than one subject to list).

While this is not a real certificate, you should name the certificate and give details as to why you won/were awarded it.

Your resume may be on multiple pages.

For the Skills section be sure to list all of the languages you speak and to what level you are familiar with that language. If you have any certification detailing your proficiency, that can be listed in the aforementioned “Awards” section.

It is VERY important you get permission from your references BEFORE listing them on your resume. It might also be a good idea to let them know the company/position you are applying for.

Your references should include the name of the reference, as well as their position. If your relationship to them is not clear, be sure to explain it. It is also very important you include contact information for your references. Be sure to check with the job you are applying for, as they may require something very specific, such as a telephone or extension number. Most of the time, an email address would be fine.

Using the notes you took while watching the video, try and write a similar resume. For this example, DO NOT use any personal information.

Be sure to give feedback and comments to your fellow learners. You can also reply to any comments left on your work.

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